Monday, April 30, 2007

The macfadyen name will definitely live on...

Well, on April 24th we were amazed and pleased to discover that we will be adding another boy to the family. For those of you who know us well, you were shocked when we had one boy and to discover that we would have another boy may have put you in cardiac arrest. For those of you who have no clue why i would be making such a big deal out of this, let me explain.

Bruce is the only boy with 3 sisters, his father (Bruce, Sr) is the only boy with 4 sisters, his grandfather was an only child and his mother has 1 sister. Also, I was so much sicker this pregnancy compared to last i think i had a lot of folks convinced it was a girl.

So for those who are still in disbelief let me present the evidence...

"it" was apparent the moment the sonogram began that we would be having a boy.

The weeks leading up to the sonogram i was less concerned about the sex of the baby and more concerned about the baby's health. well, this little boy cooperated beautifully during the sonogram and we were able to view his entire spine, all 4 chambers of the heart, his ventricles in his brain, his cerebellum, his bladder, stomach, kidneys...everything looked great!

Also, in the weeks leading up to the sonogram, Bruce and I have been in conversations regarding the number of children we would have. We had decided 2 and then re-evaluate. Then Bruce watched the movie "Idiocracy" and decided that perhaps we should have 4 children. (if you haven't seen the movie i will briefly explain the premise. It is that the uneducated reproduce at a faster and greater level than the educated, and since "survival of the fittest" no longer applies by the year 2555 the world will be run by idiots.)

So, we'll see if we have the 4 kids. For now I'm thrilled that at this point our 2nd boy is healthy and progressing well. It means that the MacFadyen name will be carried on even if only one of our boys ends up getting married and having children (takes some pressure off Quade).

Too blog or not to blog...

That is the question. Here is my answer, in the form of the "MacFadyen Clan" blog.

I've heard, and I believe it to be true, that blogs are like myspace for moms. Since I definitely fall into the "mom" category, now that i will have my 2nd boy this September (i'm hoping my next blog posting will provide more info regarding boy #2) I'm ready to blog.

so here i am, watch out world.

i have random thoughts, i'm pregnant, and now i have the freedom to publish my random, pregnant thoughts.