Wednesday, March 31, 2010

photo shoot of a chunky baby

One day i was inspired to take some pics of one of my favorite stages...the sit and be cute stage.
Here is Watts at about 8 months

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

the bus stop

tonight while driving home from small group price was throwing a major tantrum. While we were trying to figure out what this typical 2 1/2 yr old was upset about and trying to distract him, the idea of going to the zoo came up.
He immediately stopped crying and announced that "yes" he wanted to go to the zoo.
Unfortunately he wanted to go right now. He kept saying "go to the zoo". We try to tell him that we couldn't go to the zoo right now and again the tears...
So Bruce said that if Price wanted he could take the bus to go to the zoo. To which Price responds, "okay". oops.
Then we decided to talk him through the realities of this decision.:
I said, "oh wait, do you have your money? you'll need money for the bus".
Price: "no i no have mine money"
Bruce: "i'll give you a dollar for the bus"
Me: "where are you going to sleep? outside in the rain? b/c the zoo is closed"
Price: in a sad voice "no sleep in the rain. i sleep on bus".
Bruce: "ok. when we get home i'll get you a dollar and walk you out to the bus stop in front of our house."
Price: "okay"
So we get home and Price is totally fine with this plan. Bruce hands him the dollar and walks him outside in the rain down to the bus stop in front of our house. Bruce walks back to the house, says goodbye and pretends to shut the door, standing outside to keep an eye on him.
As soon as he shuts the door he hears Price yell "bus! come! where are you ?"

I was inside with Quade who was getting upset saying "i'll miss price. i want him to sleep in my room with me. not on a bus" So we decided to go outside and rescue him. Despite Quade's pleading Price was determined to go to the zoo. I told him we were going inside to get some dinner...he didn't care.
Then Bruce said "would you like a snack?" to which price responded "sure" and inside he went.
Boy are we in trouble!
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