Friday, September 25, 2009

special delivery

I walked into the kitchen from my office and found this!
more joy! (makes up for the fact that he threw up on the car ride home from school today). =)

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Uncle Adam and Cousin Zachary come to visit

A few days before Labor Day Weekend my little brother emailed me to see if he and his little guy, Zachary, could come visit us for the weekend (his wife was going to visit a girlfriend).
They live in South Carolina and we hadn't seen them since Christmas so of course we were excited.
We had an awesome time. The boys got along great with Zachary. Quade and Price thought Uncle Adam was hilarious!

Uncle Adam's love for chocolate milkshakes definitely a genetic trait...Zachary was a huge fan as well!

Getting ready for church...silly guys!

"identical cousins"...these two guys were hilarious together. two little curly headed blondes with very happy personalities.

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Finding the joy...

So with my mantra "find the joy in parenting" are some recent stories that have brought laughter to our home. Enjoy

Quade: i have a mosquito bite on my leg! it's right next to my favorite leg hair.

Price: mommy, mommy, MOMMY!
Me: yes Price
Price: knock knock!
Me: who's there?
Price: Price!

Quade: Daddy I want to be a pilot. like Pontius Pilate.
Bruce: um, pontius pilate wasn't a pilot. in fact he killed jesus.
Quade: ok then i'll just be a pilot

After asking Quade about what he learned in Sunday school he said he learned about Jonah and David. We informed him that David is not in the Jonah story.
Quade's response: "Well, David is Jonah's middle name".

in the car on the way to school, after saying "no" several times to the requests to watch a movie. I said we were going to listen to music. Price starts chanting "Rock, rock, rock!". then he proceeded to shoot down all radio stations until when a rock song started playing he said "yes, rock! price song."

keep the joy coming! i LIKE it!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Breaking records...

disclaimer: parental bragging below

Watts is already trying to show up his brothers.

So far he is the tallest and biggest of the 3 boys.

He is quite the sleeper...i thankfully got 7 hours straight of sleep last night (praise the Lord!).

He broke quade's record for rolling over...rolling from his tummy to his back at 5 weeks. way to go mr. watts!