Monday, July 27, 2009

The monster did it!

Today was a little crazier than "normal" (whatever that means).
Before naptime Price dropped a chair on his big toe...he will most likely be loosing his big toe nail in the next few days. It is really disgusting and looks extremely painful.

When Quade woke up from his nap he immediately came out of his room and told me that he woke up when he heard a boom and his sound machine was off. He then said that he had a dream that a monster came in his room and knocked over his dresser and turned off his sound machine, but it was just a dream.

I didn't think anything of it until Bruce took the boys upstairs to put them to bed and found the following in quade's room.

Now i don't believe in monsters but how can an almost 4 year old create this scene?
We were relieved to see that his toy play garden broke the fall of the dresser and that no one was hurt. We have explained to quade how dangerous it is that this dresser fell...just in case he was responsible.

Until we get the story straight, I guess i'm going to have to set a huge monster trap so we can stop this from happening again!
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thank you nana!

Here is sweet Watts in his going home outfit that Nana bought him
and the blanket that i crocheted for him.
Nana goes home tomorrow...we will miss her and all her HUGE help!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

watts goes to church

Last Sunday i was contracting during church and went to the hospital only to be sent home but delivered the next day.
This sunday we had 3 boys to load in the car and take to church...CRAZY!
Here are the boys in their matching polos...
the first pic demonstrates the typical nuttiness that we experience on an hourly basis.
then the calm and sweetness...
,more sweetness
back to the nuttiness!
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mac cousins meet Watts

This weekend Sherri (bruce's oldest sister) and her family were in town for her husband's work. They came over to go swimming and for dinner Friday night. Saturday we went up to christina's (bruce's youngest sister) house and went swimming.
The kids had lots of fun and lots of frozen treats!

Aunt Sherri, Bruce and Watts
The 5 oldest cousins and their first popsicle of the weekend
2nd frozen treat! yummy

Here is a clip of the kiddos swimming in our backyard...they are a wild bunch!
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Friday, July 24, 2009

First outing

While my mom was here i decided to take advantage of the help and get the boys out of the house.
Here is our loaded down car...
Quade the big helper pushing baby Watts
Quade and Price holding hands and checking out toys.
Besides Price running away a few times it was a successful trip. =)
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Thursday, July 23, 2009

first morning home...lots of brotherly love

If Watts is awake (and sometimes when he is asleep) Quade wants to be holding him or kissing him.
This was our first morning after the hospital...

Are these 3 boys seriously all mine?

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

headed home

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birthday buddies

Yesterday Watts and I ventured outside of our hospital room to go visit his new birthday buddies.
Fortunately we only had to walk down the hall and stop in to visit Ashley and Finley (who is sooo her!). Finley was born 2 minutes after Watts.
Then we visited in the hallway with Janna and went to her room to meet his other birthday buddy Samuel. Samuel has a brother Quade's age and a sister Price age...i see perfect playdates in our future!

Another birthday buddy was born Monday afternoon in Chicago, IL to a good friend from college. This is Allison...who Quade just told me is cuter than Watts. =) gotta love toddler honesty. Happy Birthday Babies!
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Ready for my close-up

Realized that in the previous pics you couldn't really see Watts' cute face. So here are some more pics of our cute boy.
First Day...just starting to open his eyes
Second day...more and more alert
love from the big bro
With his poppy and momma
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Watts Corban MacFadyen...newest clan member

It was a week of contractions but once we got to L&D and they didn't send me home it was only 2 hours until he arrived!

Around 6:30 am i received an epidural...much better from the one i had with Price. It was the same anesthesiologist i had with Quade...we love him!

Around 7 am i felt a strong "kick"...turns out it was my water breaking. Didn't realize it was my water until about 20 minutes later. I told the nurse that i could feel the contractions stronger through the epidural so she checked me and saw the water had broken and that i was completely dialated.
My doctor (whom i love!) came in around 8 am. We started pushing around 8:05 and

Watts made his appearance at 8:17 am weighing 9lbs 7oz and 22 inches long!

He is a big boy who loves to eat and loves to be held. I think by your 3rd child you realize that holding them a lot at that the beginning is not going to spoil them. =)

The older brothers came up to our postpartum room to meet Watts around 11:30 am. Quade's first comment was "Oh, baby watts is so cute! look at his tiny feet!". Price was not interested at first but by the time they left was saying hi baby watts and wanting to give him kisses. I think he was following in his older bro's footsteps (thanks quade for being a great example of a big brother).

To be honest I have loved my time in the hospital...i get to lay in bed all day, they bring me food, i visit with friends, i cuddle with my new baby, watch t.v., sleep...they even have a towel warmer in the bathroom! It's a mommy vacation!

I need to thank my mom for all the time she has spent with the boys. I'm sure she is exhausted but it has been nice to be able to just relax and recuperate.

Here is our new family of 5!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Third times a charm...

in more ways than one.

Well i'm at the hospital (for the 3rd time this pregnancy) and they AREN'T sending me home!

i came yesterday and they sent me home with some pain meds. i had a great day with my family (parents, sis and her kids) playing cards, going to blue goose, and watching some t.v..

took an ambien before i went to bed so i could get some good sleep.

around 1:45 am i was awaken by some strong contractions. For the next 3 hours i had strong regular contractions every 3 to 5 minutes. At 4:45 am bruce asked if i was okay. i decided to take a warm shower and see if things continued...they did. He convinced me we needed to go in.

I called the doc...she said "are they more intense? when i asked you yesterday you said they were and then nothing happened." what a jerk! (she is not my doc...just the on-call).

So we came in and i 'm 5 to 6 cm!!! hallelujah!!

She said there is a bulging bag of already different from his brothers in keeping that bag intact.

3rd boy...3rd trip to hospital...AND we have 2 friends from church having c-sections today at the same hospital (i have a 3rd friend from college having a c-section up in chicago...good luck sarah!).
Watts will have 3 birthday buddies that we know!

that's all for now.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Faith of our Fathers for a tired preggo momma

The last 2 Sundays we have had a guest speaker at church, Dr. Abe Kuruvilla, from Dallas Theological Seminary. The overarching topic of his talks has been "Faith of our Fathers". The first week was focused on Abraham and the second was on Isaac.

What has struck me the most from his sermons is that these 2 men of God forgot God's promises to them and took matters in their own hands.
Both Abraham and Isaac had moments of weakness where they forgot that God promised them descendents and lied about their wives. They didn't trust that God would take care of them.

I find this fitting in my current "waiting" situation.

Saturday i went to the hospital thinking that i was in labor but was sadly sent home. Since Saturday i have been contracting regularly and not sleeping. I have been in a bad state mentally thinking that this baby is never going to come out (of course i know he is...but feels like never).

These are the things i'm learning from my spiritual fathers:
1) I need to make sure i remind myself of God's past faithfulness...He has brought me 2 beautiful boys in their own unique way and timing. If He was faithful in those deliveries, will he not also be faithful to deliver for this child?

2) I also need to remember His promises. My dad sent me this verse: “Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? Saith the Lord: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb? Saith thy God”. He ensures to fulfills his promises and he always brings babies forth! amen! =)

I went to see the doc this morning and she said despite all the contractions i was still only 1-2 cm dialated. She said that he was playing tricks on me. She prescribed me a sleeping pill to take (took it an 1/2 hour ago and my eyes are already getting blurry). Hopefully i get a good night's sleep and maybe delivery this baby tomorrow? But if not then i will trust Watts will be born on the perfect day!

nighty night...this ambien rocks!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

staycation 2009

What do you do when your husband has the week off (starts work Monday) and you are 38 weeks pregnant so you can't travel? Staycation!!
This past week we had a great time enjoying each other and the DFW area!
cold front=outdoor, non-swimming activity possible!
We took a trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo. I forgot what a wonderful zoo it shaded and so many great animals. Here are the pics:
two cool cats
mommy and her little monkeys

highlight of the zoo...feeding the birds
silly daddy
pure joy at spotting the candy shoppe

pure joy at spotting the train
so happy together
movie time! Regal cinema has free family movies on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 am. They offer a G and a PG option. we went last week and the boys did great so we did it again this week.
boys in school means date for mommy and daddy! We went to my doctor's appointment and then went to a nice lunch at Stephen Pyles...this dessert (heaven and hell cake) was amazing!! devils food cake, angels food cake, peanut butter mousse, thick chocolate icing and raspberry ganache! yum-o!
100+ degrees means time for water activities!
We went up to Flower mound and took my teenage niece and nephew to their local recreation cener water park...super fun.
then when brought them home with us (just in case i had to go into the hospital that night...they could stay with the boys).

gotta love wild about i'm so gigantic i make the human-sized hot dog look small.


date with quade day!

Bruce took quade out for donuts in the morning. Then quade and i went on an all morning cut, back to school shoe and clothes shopping (a little early but will be a lot harder for me to do in late august), lunch and birthday present shopping. we had a great time!

My mom got in town friday night. I had contractions all night and then went into the hospital Saturday morning...but it was a false alarm.

So we're still waiting...