Monday, January 28, 2008


when given the choice of the blue polo or the grey polo...why not chose both?
thanks cari o. for reminding me about using choices in working with toddlers. we had a great day together b/c of it.
i'm curious to know what tools other moms (and dads) have in their parenting toolbox. please leave a comment with a discipline book you have enjoyed reading, or more importantly, found successful. if it's not a book, maybe comment on a technique you have found successful.

Monday, January 21, 2008

More Florida Fun

Well the bad weather hit us in Florida on Sunday. So we went to church (not implying that we wouldn't have gone to church if there was nice weather) =) and we watched football. And we...

read books

drank a "special drink" while sitting on daddy's head (true boredom)

Monday was bruce's last day in Florida so we crammed in another boat trip and beach trip.
Here are the pics:

boating is more fun without a life jacket

adventure continues...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

First Day in Florida

Nana and price...who stayed back at the condo while we went to the beach

Here we go
building a sand castle right away
(that night quade told bruce this was the highlight of his day)

a little sand surfing

a little sand throwing

mommy and quade time

mommy and price time
(neither of the boys liked the life jackets)

Captain quade!
A great first day!
more pics to come...

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Too easy

our super easy baby has a downfall...he's too easy.

last thursday i took him in for his 4 month visit and discovered he had a pretty bad ear infection in his left ear. 3/4 full of cloudy fluid.

poor guy, was teething, had an ear infection, got 4 shots and one oral vaccine and he was still sweet! Here's a video of him that afternoon. he was laughing so hard that i wanted to video tape it. of course by the time i got out the camera he was not laughing as hard, but still a moment i wanted to remember.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Growing up...

Here are a few pics that make me feel like my boys are growing up much too quickly...

Quade grabbed this booster seat himself and then decided to have a serious talk with his dad

Hanging out with the boys in community group (note quade's arm up on the chair)

Price started holding his bottle while bruce was feeding him the other night...

These are the moments that make me want to hit the "pause" button of goes by too quickly!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

It's the offical "big boy bed" post

So quade told us he would sleep in his "big boy bed", aka "the Thomas bed" , after Christmas. Well, he was true to his word and once we came home from christmas vacation (and after the new year's eve party) we moved him to his new bed.

The first night he woke up 7x, including a few times that he fell out of bed (it's only a foot to the floor). The 2nd night he was up 3x and the 3rd night he slept through but got up at 6 am! Now he is sleeping great. I think in part to the fact that we added the bumpers from his crib around the toddler mattress.

It was none too soon for the transition. Price was doing fine in the bassinet, except for the fact that he is getting bigger.

Price wasn't so sure about sleeping in his crib at first (the first 3 seconds that is), but he is doing great as well. It's nice for him to have a crib in his room and have them both settled in their own spaces!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Tacky Formal Pics

The 3rd annual Mac Family New Year's Eve Party was a big success. The first year was 80's themed, the 2nd year was 70's themed and this year we went for tacky formal!

Fortunately both boys stayed asleep throughout the whole ordeal, even during the debut performance of the SACG band. For additional pics and video clips of the SACG songs check out our community group blog: .

When the clock struck midnight and i looked around the room at all our fabulous and fun friends i felt overwhelmed with happiness. We are so blessed!! What a wonderful way to celebrate the start of 2008!!