Thursday, February 26, 2009

practicing on cousin xander

Last weekend we headed down to houston to help out bruce's sister sherri and her new baby, xander.
Quade is so excited about our 3rd baby and was really excited to get to help out with xander.
Here he is on bottle duty with his sidekick makenna.
Price on the other hand, not so interested in holding the baby, but did like to look at him a pat his head. fortunately he was gentle.
Bruce getting some newborn cuddle time in...
matching pjs time!
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We find out this Tuesday if we will have our own little boy to join our fraternity or a little girl to pump up the female numbers around here! I'll let you know!


That's right...Quade's half bday was this past weekend. Due to my insatiable sweet tooth currently, i decided to bake 1/2 a cake from scratch (including the icing...what was i thinking!).
We were having some friends over to play and so we decided to just celebrate with them.

He was soooo excited to be 3 1/2...
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the many looks of price

Price makes us laugh with his constantly changing expressions. Lately he has been into exerting his will and saying "no" with a grouchy face. Here are some of the more pleasant faces...

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an hour at the flight museum...

One dreary day last week i thought i would take the boys to the Love Field flight museum (hadn't been since price was a few weeks old).
i had forgotten this great indoor option. Unfortunately if you are not a member it can be a little expensive if you only stay for an hour.
Hopefully you will be able to stay longer than we did...
Of course the boys loved looking at all the airplanes. One of the sweet volunteers gave us our own personal tour of some of the planes and took us on the 'moon walk', which quade loved. The favorite part of the museum is the play area. They have a kid-size airplane that they can pretend to fly, be a passenger...

or just practice going out the emergency exit. (price's personal favorite).

There is also a flight tower that kids can climb up into. Unfortunately our trip was cut short when Quade yelled down to me "mommy i'm going peepee". To which i responded "you are going NOW or you need to go?"...the answer was not what i wanted to hear. Yes, this pregnant mommy climbed up the flight tower with a huge wad of paper towels to clean up a nice puddle of pee. Fortunately none of the pee landed on the poor unsuspecting boy who was climbing up the tower at the time of the "incident".

Don't worry the picture of the tower was taken before the "incident".
My advice if you go to the flight museum...make sure to take your preschooler to the bathroom before you go to the play area.
Oh, and if your preschooler should have an accident and you are cleaning it up in the bathroom, keep an eye on your toddler. You may discover him playing in the public toilet with his pacifer hanging in the dirty toilet water...i'm just saying.=)

Not to be beat down by such a horrible day, we returned to the flight museum a week later with my receipt and used the money i had spent toward getting a membership. With 2 boys (and possibly a 3rd...we'll find out soon), we will definitely be back to look at all these big planes!
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Quade's photo shoot...

These are some of the pics Quade took when he found my camera the other day...

yes, i know my belly is gigantic for 18 weeks (i think that's what i was when he took this pic). I told myself that perhaps it looks so big b/c of the angle of the pic (from below). However, today at the zoo i realized my enormous size was a reality when i frightened a rhino to the point that he felt the need to charge me and flare his nostrils...
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love is in the air...

Yes it's valentine's day and love is on all our minds, but for my little Quade it seems to be frequently on his mind. You remember his summer time crush on Nastia luikin (olympic gymnast)?

Well one of quade's classmates' mothers was in the class one day and observed a few things that she shared with me.

She said that when she got to class quade was surrounded by all the girls who were playing with his hair and had some cloth draped around him. Then they handed him a babydoll which he gladly held.
She also reported that he took a girl's face in his hands and kissed her right on the lips!

When i saw quade's teacher a couple days later i apologized for the "kissing" incident. She laughed and said she had an even better story. They were sitting at the table going around saying something nice about each of the students. Quade was supposed to say something nice about Natalie. He said "I want to see her naked". um what? oh my goodness!

Thankfully the teacher was very amused. whew!

Quade sitting next to Natalie
Last week was Quade's class Valentine's day party. He was so excited to pass out his little valentines (one of the moms made cute little mailbox-backpacks out of cereal boxes...super cute).
Quade with his buddies Reid and Baker
My favorite part of visiting his classroom is seeing the artwork they've done. This month they painted hearts. She then i guessed asked them what they loved. Some kids said "i love to dance with my family" or "I love squares".
Quade's said "I love mommy!". So sweet. there's no competition between mommy and those other girls when it comes right down to it.

FYI Natalie's said "I love Quade"...hmmm...i may have a bigger problem than i thought.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Price's fleet of guardian angels

Price is an easy child in most regards. However, he is difficult to keep safe. He prefers absolute freedom and adventure.

Last week i left the house for 10 minutes to run an errand and Bruce stayed home with the boys. While i was gone Price took a nose dive off our leather chair in the den and right into a framed picture leaning against the wall.

Here is what the picture looked like afterwards:

Amazingly Price didn't even have a scratch! (thank you Lord!)

Once i got home and heard the story we were in the family room and price climbed up on quade's little table and i told him to get down. on the way down he slipped and hit his mouth on the little chair resulting in a bloody mouth! Of course on my watch.