Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The many moods of price

i have been trying to capture a clip of price when he changes facial expressions 5x in 2 seconds, but i haven't gotten it yet.

i did tape this little gem of his refusal to give me a "no no" item and then proceed to throw a mini-tantrum.

fortunately, so far, with price i have been more amused than annoyed by his attempts to control me with tantrums. =)

The Toddler Enquirer

curious minds want to know!

when quade turned 3 he also turned into the "why" machine.

We've had the basic questions:
"Why do birds fly? "
with the follow-up..."why do airplanes have wings?"

When i pulled up to church last week he asked:
"why do we take Bibles to church?"
Then at church while going to the bathroom...
"why do we have penises?"(um, don't worry i saved the reproductive function for a future conversation...)

Living in Dallas produces another level of thinking, particularly in regards to traffic.

This morning while on interstate 75 he asked:
"why do people have houses?"
I responded with "So that people have a place to live." (feeling like that was an adequate answer)
He then gestures to all the cars stopped in traffic heading into downtown and said:

"No people don't live in houses. they live in their cars."

how sad, and unfortunately, true!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hand me ups?

Last Sunday Bruce kindly got the boys dressed for church. I handed him the
stack of clothes and this was the result...

Although it looks fine...they were both supposed to be wearing shorts.

Price is big for his age and Quade is on the smaller size (aka "he has NO butt").
Bruce had put Quade's shorts on price and Price's shorts on quade. interestingly, they "fit" both of them.

Who knows in the future Price may be handing his clothes up to Quade!
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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day of School?

Today was Quade's first day of school!! or was it?
He's been to Mother's day out for the past 2 those count as school?
This school he is attending is kind of like a is this his first day of school?
or is the first day of kindergarten the first real day of school?
No matter what the are cute pics from this morning.

The apple around his neck is to let the carpool people know in which class he belongs.

no books in this backpack...just extra clothes in case he has an accident

jumping right in! he had a great first day and is in love with his teacher. =)
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tall girl crushes, waterslide bravery, and fun exercise

Labor Day Weekend Update:

While watching the Olympics this year Quade developed quite a crush on the "tall girls" would think that these tall girls would be the volleyball players. However, you would be incorrect...he is talking about the cute, little USA gymnasts. I think they appeared tall compared to the other countries' representatives in the sport.

Anywho...his favorite was Nastia Liukin. He wants her to come babysit, put him to bed and say "night night, love you". =) So when we realized Nastia was a "neighbor" we had to go up and see her little parade this past weekend.

His sign reads: "President of the Nastia Preschool Fan Club"

Nastia in her pink Saab. yes she saw the sign and smiled at quade. =)

We also went to a waterpark this past weekend. quade thought this yellow slide was too fast, but Price loved it (while sitting in my lap)

This picture makes quade look like he is going fast, but i think paint dries faster than going down this slide...perfect speed for quade.

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Last, but not least, on Monday we picked up a bike trailer i "won" on ebay. My parents (Nana and Poppy) got it for the boys for their birthdays...but it's really a wonderful present for ME!!
It has the option to be a jogging stroller or be hooked on to a bike. The boys love it, particularly Quade. He asked to go in it yesterday in the windy Gustav remnants...of course i obliged him and we went for a little trip to the neighborhood park. Fortunately we were not blown away.