Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cousin zoo adventures

Despite the crazy crowds...we had a great time!

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Flight museum...take 2...double date that is!

The day after Quade was born, his friend Bree was born.
Her mom and have walked many roads over the past 3 1/2 years together (colicky infants, sleepless nights, toddler antics, etc).
Unfortunately the kids' preschool schedule this year have been completely opposite.
However, since they both have spring break this week we made sure we got these too buddies together.
To complete the double date, she also has a 1 year old girl that Price could chase. =)

Much better experience than an aforementioned trip to the flight museum (see previous post for more info).
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Luck of the Irish...i mean scottish

Happy St. Patricks Day (a little late)!
I mean we are scottish, not irish, afterall.

Price very proud of his backpack
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A Snow Angel for Quade

For our 10 year anniversary Bruce and I headed to Park City Utah. We met college friends (3 couples) and rented a house. It was a great trip, despite my low expectations (nothing like a ski trip for a preggo...planned before the pregnancy).

Of course you can't spend a weekend away from your kids without thinking about them. Here is Bruce making a snow angel for Quade, who desperately wanted to make one this winter but never had a chance (unlike the rest of the snow for Dallas).

What a great dad!
(Thanks Aunt Christina for watching the boys!)
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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"day is dawning..."

"...Almost sounded like a warning
Wind was rushing through the trees almost falling
I never thought that I'd become
The proud father of my three sons"-elvis costello

My random thoughts:
Here we go again!! round 3 of a baby boy born in the summer!
I'm working on our fraternity name and greek letters.
It's a good thing i grew up with 2 brothers or else i would be completely overwhelmed by all the testerone that will be filling our abode!
God is good and we feel blessed with the opportunity to raise 3 strong Christian male leaders.
The MacFadyen name definitely lives on!!
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