Friday, February 5, 2010

Poop on the ground...looking like a fool with your poop on the ground

(title stems from the american idol audition song "pants on the ground" check it out on youtube)

On a lighter note from my previous two posts, i thought i would share one of my recent adventures living with young boys.

I was standing in the kitchen after lunch. Price was upstairs. Quade was running around the house downstairs (around our little circle of hallways). I was holding watts and getting water ready for nap times when i hear a "splat" sound. followed by a little voice saying: "Need a new diaper"

I went in the downstairs hallway (where quade had just run through) to find the following.

yes, that is a diaper and yes those 3 little piles are poop that shot out from the diaper when it was dropped from the upstairs.

I was dumbfounded to say the least. Holding watts i just started pacing the hall, not knowing what to address first. I told quade how lucky he was to have just missed having poop on his head (of course he thought that was a hilarious idea) I decided that i needed to find price and clean him up before he sat can only imagine the damage a poopy bottom left uncovered can cause!

needless to say, it was all cleaned up and everyone survived the diaper bombing.

However, i will forever be more careful when walking that fateful hall. I will keep my eyes upward and vigilant, for fear of being the recipient of an unwanted surprise.