Thursday, August 21, 2008

walk like an egyptian

or just WALK!!!

yes, the other big news that my parents reported to us while we were on vacation was that price was walking a lot. he was taking 12 steps at a time.

so the first thing i did when we got back was video tape this crazy little guy. (It's amazing how much more "sturdy" he is now from a week ago. since it took me a week to post this video...)

here he is:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Report from home...

While we were sending messages pictures via the blog back to the kiddos, my dad and mom were taking their own pics and sending us email updates. Here are some of the pics and some excerpts from the emails my dad sent.
My parents were awesome and took wonderful care of our precious boys. They went to the zoo, children's museum, spray park, my nephew's football game, a day trip to visit my aunt in Tyler, and lots of playtime at home.
They even celebrated quade's bday early, since they wouldn't be here for the actual day.

My dad wrote us: "I've decided that the President should hire Quade to negotiate with Putin over the war in Georgia. Putin makes promises, then changes his mind. Quade would understand Putin's mindset and out negotiate him handily. Just one more book = just one more city."

My dad: "Only one slight split lip upon re-entering your abode. Q assaulted P. Upon official inquiry, investigators learned that “Price did it all by hisself”. After further inquiry, the alibi was not susceptible of challenge, so no charges were filed, and the assailee was back in good spirits in quick order. "

Thanks Nana and Poppy!
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gondolas, balcony breaks, and high tea

I know we are already back in Dallas, but i have to share these pictures
from our last couple days...

Here is a pic of the Banff gondola

the view from the top of Sulphur mountain of downtown Banff

We spent several days hanging out reading in the lobby or out on the balcony...awesome.

this is the fairmont hotel, built in the late 1800s. gorgeous!

We had high tea at this amazing hotel...

...with the amazing view.

bruce was intrigued by the whole process. he thought cucumber sandwiches was a funny concept. here he is with the world's tiniest creme brulee. The experience has made me want to have a tea party with girlfriends here in dallas! nothing like good conversation, hot tea, scones and tiny sandwiches. =)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Defending the faith at high altitudes

Here is a story about our flight to Calgary last week...feel free to skip to the end and read the questions i was asked.

As I mentioned bruce and I were looking forward to this vacation since it was the first time we have been away together, without kids or me being pregnant, since 2004.

When we waited to board the airplane bruce asked me what my expectations were for the flight. Since having kids plane trips are survival trips…aka, keep the kids from screaming. So I really didn’t care if bruce read the entire flight. I just was looking forward to almost 4 hours to sit and do nothing. No one bothering me. no child squirming on my lap. No smashed crackers on my pants…you get the picture.

When we arrived to our row I had this instinct that my flight expectations may be different than the reality. Originally we were supposed to have an empty seat between us…no longer. We asked the gentleman if he wouldn’t mind sitting in the aisle or window seat so we could sit together. He chose the aisle…good choice.

From the moment I sat down he engaged me in conversation. We began with the pleasantries…where are you from, families, weather, things to do in Banff. He is from Calgary and has 8 kids (6 boys, 2 girls). We spent the next hour discussing what he does for a living, “insured facturing”. I’m at a loss, hoping bruce will explain to me what this is or at least let me know if making 7 ½ percent every year for the past 15 years is a true business or this guy is full of it. Unfortunately bruce is determined to stick to his plan. He pulls out a book to read. Unfortunately for bruce our new friend did not pick up on his subtle social cue and asked him about the book and then critiqued the book.

Bruce finally realized my need for a break so he pulled out our laptop and our new obsession, Heroes: season 1. for the next 1 hour and 40 minutes I am on vacation watching this great show. The entire time we watched the show our friend was flipping through the in-flight catalogue with all the stuff you don’t need, but want.

When we turn off the show I reached in my bag to grab a book to read. I knew that my friend would end up talking about the book, so I grabbed my Francine Rivers, Mark of the Lion, 3rd in the series book. This led him and me into the most in-depth spiritual conversation I have ever had with a stranger. I want to document all the points we touched on b/c I think that in the church we focus so much on how to be better Christians that we forget about those who still don’t even believe that Christ is God.

I felt that after our conversation I did what I was supposed to do…defend the faith. I wasn’t trying to “win him” to the other side. That is the holy spirit’s job. My job is to share the good news. To let others know what is truth. To stand up for what I believe.

Bruce commented after we were safely in Canada, that he was impressed with how I handled the situation. He said I stayed calm, I wasn’t combative and yet I stood firm.

Ironically, I had this deep conversation with a stranger whose name I didn’t catch until right before I got off the airplane. his name is “willy”.

Here are some statements from “Willy”:
-“The Bible was written by men who want you to believe certain things. They are trying to control you with this religion.”
-“Where is God’s mom and dad? Where did God come from?”
-“I believe that when you die you see a big light, which happens when your brain is trying to keep your body alive and then all that energy stops. Then you become a tiny little spirit that can fly to any country, absorbing knowledge. And maybe you can be chosen to re-enter another body.”
-“Perhaps it is in our DNA to believe in a god. So each civilization has created its own god.”
-“Do you really believe that one god controls the entire universe? How can he watch over so many people? I believe that there are multiple gods and each is in charge of it’s own area.”
-“How could the entire world be populated by 2 people: adam and eve?”
-“what if another group of people from another planet sent us to earth and they are controlling us by creating religion?”
-we discussed original sin and if children are born with a sinful nature...

so this is just a sampling of my would you do?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

horsing around

Today was adventure day. we took a 3 hour horseback ride up a mountain to the Lake Agnes Teahouse.
My horse was "General" and bruce, appropriately, rode "Licorice". =)
It was breathtakingly beautiful. (more pics to come, quade wanted to see pics of the horses.)

This pic is of bruce and i after the ride, with our destination behind us,
right above the treeline, in the bend of the white part of the mountain.
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Sunday, August 10, 2008

relaxation and downtown banff

Sunday we slept in...hallelujah! We watched the US beat China in basketball while we drank coffee and ate pastries. Then we went down to the indoor pool/spa area and soaked in the hot tub. AHHHH!!!!
Then we got ready to head downtown for some lunch and shopping.
This is downtown Banff:

We found a cute little restaurant with outdoor seating (which was great until it started to's okay. we just moved our food inside and stayed for some dessert until it stopped raining).

We did some shopping for the boys and then saw a movie in their cute little movie theater.

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All in all, a nice relaxing day!
love you quade and price!!

hello grandparents, hello freedom!

We are sooooo grateful for my parents and their willingness to fly down to Dallas and take care of our boys for the next week. I'm hoping that the week is a joyful as this moment.
I will be posting some this week, primarily for Quade. Last time we left town it was helpful for him to see pics of us and what we were doing while we were away.

The morning we left for our flight we decided to take quade out to get donuts, so he could have some special mommy/daddy time. He was definitely more aware of our leaving and was angry a few days i made a sticker chart that he could put a sticker on each day we were gone.

He was so sweet (so were the donuts)...i actually cried a little while we were sitting there, as i thought about how much i would miss my little boys.

don't worry i'm doing okay now. we are officially in Banff, Canada and loving life.

Here is a pic of us in our hotel room. The next two pics are of views out of our hotel window. More gorgeous pics to come!

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Love of the game...

transcends internationally.

last friday night we went to a Texas Rangers game with friends of ours who are living in Fort Worth attending Southwestern Theological Seminary, but moved here from Nagaland India.

Their 5 year old son was SOOO excited about attending the game. He and quade had a wonderful time cheering on the Rangers and getting swept up in all the excitement. I must admit that i had an extremely overwhelming sense of happiness when a Ranger hit a homerun: the music swelled, the fireworks went off and hoards of young boys raced to grab the desired have one victorious little boy hold the ball up with pride and pure joy, a gigantic smile across his face.

Here are a couple video clips of the boys: