Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tummy TV Time

So does tummy time "count" if it's done while watching TV?
So many rules to follow, so little time!


Quade told me the other day, "I have lots of friends!" what a wonderful feeling that is!

Where's Jesus?

A couple of weeks ago we took Quade to something called "Journey to Bethlehem" at my sister's church in Grapevine (Church at the Cross). It was AWESOME! We did have to wait awhile to get in but they had a puppet show and singing, etc. while you were waiting. Then a group of 30 of us started the journey. They had church members dressed in biblical times clothing. We were supposed to be a jewish family traveling back to bethlehem for the census. It was incredible. It started inside and then went in through the woods. They had roman centurions on real horses, live animals and camels. Here's quade with the sheep:

This picture is dark but it's of our "guide" knocking on the inn door and us discovering there is no room in the inn. Quade decided to join him on stage.

My sister andrea played one of the villagers (they had an amazing village set up).

At the end they have the stable with mary, joseph and baby jesus. quade loved the whole thing. Even though he didn't get to bed until 10:45!!

So the week before christmas i decided to take the boys to see santa. It was a great tradition in my family...get all dressed up, go downtown, eat at the "tearoom", ride a train, and then go see santa.

We got to northpark to get a ticket to see santa. When we got there it was all set up for santa (like a comfy home with fireplace and tree). Quade looks at me and says "Where's Jesus?"

HA! what a sweet boy! I told him this story was about a nice man named "Saint Nicholas" and he was known for giving toys to children. He was good with that.

Fortunately Price did not have any comments or questions. =)

Here is the pic from the event:

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Need gift ideas?

Well i know that i always struggle to think of what to ask for for Christmas. Any other time of year i can think of a million things i "need". =) But then when someone asks i just go blank. So i started keeping a folder of "wish list" items, basically pages i pull out of catalogs. It has helped a lot but i also like to get ideas from other moms and friends!

This year we celebrated Christmas on the Friday after Thanksgiving with my family. So the boys received half of their presents early. I thought i would let other mommies know about a couple of "winners" in case you are in need of ideas as well.

Price got a "Fisher Price Sing-a-long Stage". I figured he would like the lights now and it would be something he would continue to enjoy over this year. Well, i didn't realize how much Quade would like it as well. So far it has been the favorite toy of Christmas. Here are some pics of the boys playing with it. It's $34.97 at Walmart with 97 cent shipping:

It has a mirror in the middle, which Quade loves to make faces in. When you shake the rattle the music starts. It has 2 modes, songs you sing with and then music you create when you hit each of the instruments.

Yes, Quade is sitting on his "potty" while Price is in the Bumbo. =)

One of Quade's other favorite presents this Christmas was a "learning tower" from my parents. He can climb up onto it and then help me in the kitchen. He thinks it's great. He has helped me make cookies, wash dishes, put together salads, etc. It's a bigger ticket item and takes up a a lot of kitchen space, but if you have a grandparent that wants to get you something and you need ideas. Here you go:

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sweet Christmas Spirit

Well since 2 weeks ago when i made the decision to enjoy my boys i have some very sweet and memorable moments. Most of them are related to the Christmas season.

This is the first year Quade is getting really into Christmas and he is adorable. Here are a few of my favorite memories so far for Christmas 2007:

1. Putting up the Christmas tree while drinking wassel (warm apple cider)...Quade and I danced hand in hand to christmas music. (i wish i could freeze that moment in time!).

Picture mommy looks good in

Picture quade looks cute in (mommy has crazy eyes!)

2. Driving down our street at night, when we saw our first decorated house and I pointed out the lights to quade..."wow"... then we immediately get on the on ramp to interstate 75 and in true Dallas fashion there is traffic in both directions. I hear Quade's sweet voice from the back seat: "Look mommy more Christmas lights!"...sure changes your perspective on traffic!

3. Reading portions of scripture for advent each night after dinner and one night quade says, "Jesus in the christmas tree after nap?" (um, what?) "Quade, Jesus is in heaven, but he can also be in your heart". Quade responds with "Jesus in my tummy. Jesus with daddy at work. Baby Jesus in my crib"...precious!!

4. Driving to the grocery and i say "Uh oh it's starting to rain". Quade responds with "Jesus made the rain. Jesus made the grass. Jesus made raisins!" Thank you quade for making me appreciate God's creation.

5. Quade using keys to assist Josh Kruse in singing christmas carols with our friendship partners from china.

6. My most favorite memory was sitting on the couch with quade and price by the lit christmas tree and Quade makes price laugh his biggest laugh so far, which makes quade laugh and then price laugh again. God is so good!

The best news is that it is only December 9th! so many more memories are yet to come!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Found: joy

Last week I rediscovered joy.

I made the conscious choice to enjoy motherhood. That may sound silly. But other mothers can agree that motherhood can be draining and the joy can be diminished by the mundane duties of dishes, laundry and diapers.

I had a "come to Jesus" moment last Monday and Bruce made a simple yet profound statement..."it's most important to me that you enjoy our two boys". WOW! I was so caught up in grocery runs, picking up toys, discipline, cooking dinner, paying bills, and returning emails that i was missing the joy of my boys!

(tilt your head to the left while watching...sorry, it's so hard to find a good camera-lady these days)

*and yes you did hear Bruce in the background discussing his bodily functions with Quade.