Tuesday, June 30, 2009

movin on up...make room for the 3rd!

Baby #3 should be making his appearance within the next 3 weeks (i'm not even going to consider going past my due date).

About 2 weeks ago i finally realized that we needed to start getting ready for this little guy.

We went back and forth about sleeping arrangements for the boys, etc. Finally i decided that i wanted Watts to have his own room and his own space. Which meant that Price was movin' up to Quade's room. Here are the sequence of events which have had to occur to get the room ready for Watts:

1) get rid of Price's pacifier
-didn't want to go through this traumatic event while he was sharing a room with his brother

-happy to report that we only had one bad nap, the first no "bubba" nap, but then he slept great that night and subsequent naps.

-sadly for price he got his first 2 year molar the first week he went without a pacifier...he's a trooper and did fine.

2) get quade a bed
-we debated whether we get a bunk bed or just a twin...we opted for a twin with a trundle. That way eventually price could sleep on the trundle.

3) move price into quade's room and have him sleep in the thomas toddler bed.
-the first night (after putting the fear of God in both of them) they did really well. We didn't hear a peep from either one and they both slept until 6:30 (a little earlier than we would like but a good start).
-they haven't been as quiet subsequent nights...including tonight (found price playing in the toilet 2x)...but it's a work in progress.

-naptime though is another story...after threatening price and spending an hour or more getting him to stay in his bed and be quiet, we have just decided that it's best for him to nap in the crib. --Quade has started to just hang out in his room and not sleep several days a week. So this allows quade the ability to read books and not sleep and gives price the nap he so desperately needs.

This is what quade does when he is not sleeping at naptime...creating interesting outfits. Bruce and i found this one pretty hilarious. Note: the t-shirt is a 2T and the jacket is 18 months!

Whew! so after 2 1/2 weeks we are ready for watts to have his own room (except from 1 to 3:30 pm) =).
Now we wait!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

rockin at VBS

last friday night our church had family VBS night. We weren't sure if the boys would be too young to enjoy it, but decided to go anyway. Well we only lasted an hour but both boys thought it was great!

Here's a clip of him doing his version of the "J-E-S-U-S" song (note him attempting to make the "S" with his leg up).

it could have been worse...

(the title for this post comes from a little book we read the boys about a mouse who keeps avoiding disaster after disaster, but thinks he's had a hard day. when he finally gets home his mom says "it could have been worse") .

For all you non-dallas readers, we've had quite a night and morning here in the DFW area. Heavy rain, thunderstorms, etc..

The term "timing is everything" was brought to life in our family today in a couple of ways.

1) I was at the gym this morning, finished my work out and had just lathered my hair with shampoo when the electricity went out. Actually not bad timing b/c at least it wasn't during my work out and i was completely able to shower in the dark and found it quite relaxing. =)
I had decided that i could go to my dr appt that morning with wet hair and it would be no big deal (since there was torrential rain outside).
However, just when i was ready in my regimen to dry my hair the electricity came back on! (it's the small things).

2) Bruce took the boys to camp this morning (so i could work out and go to my dr appt). When he got home he opened the gate and garage and parked in the garage. Then the electricity at home went out.
The timing on this was good b/c if it had gone out a second earlier he would have been tempted to pull into the driveway to park and not go in the garage...which would have meant that a huge tree limb would have landed on the suburban.

3) Unfortunately, when the electricity came back on bruce was unable to get the suburban out of the driveway b/c of the huge limb that was in the way and kept the fence from opening. But my manly man was out in the pouring ran with a handsaw cutting through that tree so that we could get the car out to go pick up the boys.
we were about 15 minutes late to pick them up...but IT COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE!!
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bday dinner for daddy

Last week was bruce's big 36th bday. So we all got dressed in our finest (well not necessarily our finest, but pretty nice) and walked over to The Porch for some yummy food!

The boys...
36 and still young at heart!
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

yummy breakfast

I am someone who can eat the same thing every day for days on end...especially something delicious.
So my current favorite breakfast is:
- homemade granola (thank you, thank you, thank you Jamie for the recipe),
-mixed with greek yogurt (has more protein than regular yogurt and less fat)
-topped off with fresh berries (raspberries are 99cents at kroger!).

i also enjoy Cran-grape light juice to wash down this delicious meal.

Here is the granola recipe in case you get in the mood for some yummy breakfast as well.

Homemade Granola

8C oats
2C coconut
2C almonds,cashews
1/2C br sugar
1/2C oil
1/2C syrup
1C craisins

Mix first 4 ingredients in lg bowl, combine oil & syrup in separate bowl and mix into dry ingredients. Toast on jelly roll pan at 300 degrees for 1 hour. Turning every 15 minutes. Mix in craisins when granola has cooled.