Friday, July 27, 2007


i think she included every phrase that we moms will say over the course of parenting!

Monday, July 23, 2007


So the latest Nooma video has come out. If you don't know what a "nooma video"'s a short 'sermon' of sorts done by Rob Bell. They are great. I know that Rob is bruce's cousin and we may be a little biased, but they are really well done and short enough to share with others in an informal setting.

Anyway..the latest nooma was's called "Today".

You can watch the entire video from Monday, July 23rd to Wednesday, July 25th at noon EST.
go to the following website: and click on the NOOMA player.

As a parent it's a great reminder to be present in our children's lives so we don't look back and regret we missed something. As a Christian it is a reminder that we need to live in today and not regret the past or worry about the future. we need to be available to what God has for us TODAY!

Monday, July 9, 2007


66%The Movie Quiz - Movie Reviews

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I think these quizzes reveal that i need to see more movies and...well, I don't quite know how to interpret the cadaver calculator. For one, it's creepy to think about. Secondly, i don't know the max amount i could get. Do i need to change my diet or exercise habits to get more money? let me know how well you did on these "quizzes". =)

Friday, July 6, 2007

Fourth Fun...and firetrucks!

Like most little boys, Mr. Quade is fascinated with firetrucks. Although he didn't quite get the meaning of celebrating our independence...he did understand that he would get to see "firetrucks".

In the words of Barney, "Here come the firetrucks. The people shout 'Hurray!'. The sirens tell the cars and trucks to move out of the way...

I don't know why Bruce wanted to stick his tongue out at me.

Yes, I know I should have entered as one of the floats! gigantic!!

Another favorite of the parade..."candy", a new discovery of quade's.

Later that day at a friend's house Quade got to pretend he was a firefighter!

Here's our 'retro' shot. Quade on guitar, wearing his dad's shirt from the 70s!
Happy 4th of July!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

They grow up so fast...

I was looking at old pics of quade and came across this one with his buddy Dylan.

It was taken last Summer when they were like 9/10 months old.
Here is a picture i took of them last week:

They grew from babies to little boys!

Goodbye curls...

Last weekend Bruce's hair was fashioned like Napolean Dynamite's and i have to admit i wasn't such a fan.

Bruce had mentioned before wanting to straighten his hair to see what would happen (he's only known curls all his life). So, he talked to his "stylist" about how to do it.

Basically it's like getting a home perm but instead of using curlers you keep your hair as straight as possible by continually combing it back.

Once we chemically straightened his hair he went to his "stylist" and got a trim and then his "stylist" used a flat-iron to straighten it even more.

The results...speak for themselves!! =) I'm definitely a fan of the new look...more Brad Pitt than Napolean.

(photography note: this "after" picture was taken the day of the haircut and when we were outside in very humid his hair looks curlier than you would expect given all the straightening processes. I must say that i think the hair cut looks better each day!).