Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Great mother's day gift idea

I would like to introduce my new best friend..."Roomba".

If you haven't heard of this wonderful invention...let me quickly fill you in. Roomba is a vacuum that moves around your house by itself! You just push a button and voila! it's magically off making your life better. AND when it's done it finds it's way back to the docking station to re-charge.

I got my new best friend for my birthday from my mom and mother-in-law.
The first night i used it was when i realized it's more than just a household help...it's a NANNY!

Bruce and i sat at the dinner table having wonderful conversation while the Roomba cleaned my floors and entertained my children. The boys followed "Rumbo" (as quade as named him) all around the house.

Oh, another perk of my new best friend is that the boys clean up their clutter due to the fear that "Rumbo" may vacuum it up! i'm telling you it's the best invention ever!!
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erin said...

I love all your new posts! And I love the way you embrace this stage in life with enthusiasm and grace. Oh, how I would love to see Quade on the soccer field, Price selling lemonade and just SEE Watts... he is growing so fast since we don't see you guys as much these days. :)

Christina said...

welcome back to the blog world. i will respond in groups. i love seeing pictures of the boys following the roomba...and they are squeezed into the car. it is so great they are buddies. btw, was it price that ate the butter? his twin makenna LOVES butter and we have to keep it up high but sometimes it isn't high enough. and 8 months is my favorite age too!

Cathy Price said...

Love the extra perk!! Picking up their little trail of toys! Love them following in their car! The pictures at the aboretum look like ours from the time we took them when you were at conference.